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UPDATE 8 – 11 – 21 | Return to School Plan

Dealing with testing or a confirmed positive case? 

For all families who have someone being tested for COVID-19, email Mrs. Beal, Mrs. Anne Maxon, and Mrs. Kellner. All St. Francis Xavier students are required to stay home until the results have been received. The Medina County Health Department highly recommends getting the PCR test, as they have found it to provide the most accurate results. While waiting for results, please check in with your child’s academic teacher for classwork/homework or Headmaster/ Google classroom. There will be no online learning during this short period of time. After you have received the results, please email them to dkellner@sfxmedina.org. 

For families with a positive case, please email Mrs. Danene Beal, Mrs. Anne Maxon, and Mrs. Kellner about your test results. We will contact the teachers to set up the online learning. Please allow at least 24 hours for our teachers to gather books and set your child up for online learning. 

Need to quarantine?

Here are the following options for quarantining:

  • 14 days: quarantine
  • 10 days: asymptomatic return and monitor until day 14
  • 7 days: Test with PCR test at day 5, symptom monitor until day 14 (day of positive test is day 0)

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CHECK the OHIO DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH and the MEDINA COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT flow charts so you understand the quarantine guidelines for school. 

UPDATE from Medina County Health Department Quarantine Rule: Oct. 1, 2021

If a child is exposed to COVID-19 in a K-12 school setting and placed in quarantine by the Medina County Health Department, the school may allow the student to remain in classroom settings while masked upon request of the parent.  For this purpose, and under these specific conditions, the Health Department has adjusted the quarantine order so that the school can remain in compliance with Ohio Revised Code 3707.16

   This change relates only to attendance at school and does not change the guidelines as they relate to extra-curricular events. This will include our CYO teams.  Therefore, in-school quarantined students are not permitted to participate in extracurricular or other after-school activities during the quarantine period unless the activity is one where all participants are masked. This rule will apply to both coaches and team players if someone is diagnosis positive, all members need to quarantine at home. 

Ohio Health Department Quarantine and Isolation Flow Chart

Medina County Health Department Quarantine and Isolation Flow Chart

Mask to Stay|Test to Play | CYO

We are on our journey together each and every day!

St. Francis Xavier School will continue to work closely with the state and local health officials to ensure we are following recommendations and CDC guidelines. We will keep you up to date with the changes and the plans we will have in place. Remember we will do our best to make sure our students and faculty are safe.