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Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The Parent-Teacher Association has a new email address and a new way to sign up to volunteer. Please see Sign Up Genius at the bottom of the page. If you wish to contact us, please click on the email address sfxptc@gmail.com


The St. Francis Xavier PTA helps provide support for continued quality Catholic education.  Membership includes all parents or guardians of any child who is attending St. Francis Xavier School. PTA Funded Programs.

PTA Parent 2021 – 2022 Meetings: All meetings are subject to change. 

Sept. 13 | 7 p.m.  Xavier Room

November 8 | 7 p.m. with Zoom Invite

January 10 | 7 p.m. with Zoom Invite

March 14 | 7 p.m. with Zoom invite

May 16 | 7 p.m.  in the Xavier Room      

5 Reasons to Participate in our PTA

September Bugle | November Bugle | March Bugle | May Bugle


President : Melissa Siedlicki

Vice President : Tiffany Ziegler

Secretary: Heather Siemienski

Treasurer :


President – The President shall preside at meetings of the PTC and of the Executive Board, be
responsible for agendas of such meetings, and shall recognize for the membership any guests in
attendance. He/she shall perform duties as may be prescribed in these by-laws or assigned
to him/her by the PTC or Executive Board; shall coordinate the work of the officers and
committees in order to promote the PTC objectives. The President shall confirm dates
concerning PTC meetings and activities with the Principal and with the Parish calendar.

Vice President – The Vice President shall act as an aide to the President and shall perform the
duties of the President in his/her absence. The Vice President shall have the duty of planning
programs for the fall monthly meeting. The Vice President shall organize, print, and distribute
the St. Francis Xavier family directory, which shall remain confidential and shall not in any way
be used for solicitation of outside interest. The Vice President shall be responsible for
organizing and communicating the volunteer list.

Secretary – The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of the Executive Board and monthly
meetings and if deemed necessary by the President, handle correspondence. The Secretary
shall take charge of materials prepared for the student information folder from the PTC to
school families throughout the school year.

Treasurer – The Treasurer shall receive all monies of the PTC and shall keep accurate records of
receipts and expenditures and shall pay out funds authorized by the Executive Board. Persons
authorized to sign checks will be limited to the Church Pastor and the PTC Treasurer. The
The treasurer shall present a statement of account at every monthly meeting of the PTC. He/she
will also prepare a financial statement at the end of the term of office to be kept as a
permanent record. A copy of which will go to the Financial Officer of the church along with a
copy of the bank statements. All books shall be balanced and audited at the end of each year
by two PTC members appointed by the President. Following the audit, receipts are to be held
for 7 years before being discarded

Ways and Means – The Ways and Means Officer shall oversee all fundraising activities and
recruit and support chairpersons for each fundraising event. He/she shall research new
fundraising programs and keep a record of fundraising results for future reference.

Procedures and Legislation – The Procedures and Legislation Officer shall provide PTC the
interpretations of the by-laws and oversee any amendments to be addressed to the PTC. This
officer is responsible for chairing the nominating committee. If St. Francis Xavier PTC is a
member of the Catholic Parent Teacher League, the Procedures and Legislation officer is to
represents the PTC at those meetings and communicate transactions accordingly. It is
suggested that the immediate Past President assume the Procedures and Legislation position.


Room Parents sign-ups are taken at the beginning of the school year. The responsibility of the room parent is to aide the classroom teacher in any and all extra activities throughout the school year.


Volunteers serve a very important role at St. Francis Xavier School.  As a volunteer, you help to support educational programming and experiences for our students.  We have several ways for you to volunteer at SFX.

Volunteers are required to complete a Virtus training, here are the volunteer Virtus requirements.

All employees and volunteers who have contact with students undergo thorough screening, including background checks through the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation & Identification (BCI&I). For complete information on screening policies, see the revised Policy for the Safety of Children in Matters of Sexual Abuse, section 1.2 (p. 3).

In an effort to respect our students’ privacy, we request all volunteers to limit their cell phone usage during their volunteer time. This will include all taking photos, texting, or calling our students’ parents/families. We thank you for understanding and the gift of your time.