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Camp Nuhop – Grade 6

St. Francis Xavier 6th grade students have the opportunity to attend Camp Nuhop Educational Outdoor Camp in spring of the current school year. 

Camp Nuhop is an environment-based education that emphasizes specific critical thinking skills central to “good science”—questioning, investigating, forming hypotheses, interpreting data, analyzing, developing conclusions, and solving problems. Nuhop’s Environmental Education classes emphasize learning through a problem- or project-based approach to help students gain a better understanding of what they learn, to retain it longer, and to take charge of their own learning.

We hold a parent and student information meeting with a camp staff member months prior to the event. It is important that at least one parent attends this meeting; they do a great job at giving you all the information you need and answering questions.

Payments will have to be made prior to departure. Payments can be made on your grading/financial account with a credit card or a check to St. Francis Xavier – the school office can answer payment questions for you.  

Although camp is not mandatory, it is 3 days of learning and covers the science curriculum for the students.  If a family would elect not to send their student, the student would need to come to school all 3 days and would be given work to do that covers as much of the curriculum as we can in the classroom.  If you have questions or concerns about camp please reach out to Mrs. Bresnahan at cbresnahan@sfxmedina.org. Every year our students look forward to going to CAMP NUHOP and I am sure your child will too!