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Student Clubs |Activities | Programs

• Student Council (6-8)

Student Council is a school government position. The job of the Student Council is to promote school unity and spirit through activities and service projects. We sponsor dances, a pep rally, Mardi Gras Carnival, and the Thanksgiving food drive. It is an opportunity for students to learn and grow in leadership.

• National Junior Honor Society (6-8)

The National Junior Honor Society is a teacher-selected group. Selection into the NJHS is based on five characteristics that the national organization has determined. First, we look at scholarships; a student must have a 3.5-grade point average during their middle school time at St. Francis (we do not look at students until after the first quarter of the 7th grade). If a student has a 3.5 or higher they are asked to submit an information form telling us other activities they are involved in. This information along with what the faculty sees at school, in the classrooms, and in other locations is considered. The students are being looked at for Service, Citizenship, Character, and Leadership. Five selected members of the faculty vote on the students and the students need a majority vote to be accepted. During the school year, the NJHS meets about once a month. We work mainly on service projects like The Race for Grace, raising money for various Catholic Charities, and planning activities for the student body like career day.

• Kindness Club: (6-8)

A school enrichment club that allows students to work together to promote kindness at school, at home, in the community, and in the world. The goal is to be helping students understand that spreading kindness should be a way of life!

• Power of the Pen (7-8)

Power of the Pen awakens and strengthens the creative voices of young writers. It is designed for students in grades 7 and 8 who have a talent for creative writing. Students will compete in a series of interscholastic writing tournaments which challenge them to think and write under pressure. The best writers will be rewarded at the District, Regional, and State levels of interscholastic competition.

Science Olympiad, Elementary and Middle School Teams

Robotics Club

  • Local, District, and State Science Fair (6-7-8)
  • Band and String lessons
  • Children’s Church Choir
  • Music Concerts
  • Girls on the Run
  • Puzzle Club
  • Distance Learning Projects
  • Field Trips (Preschool-8th grade)
  • Medina County Spelling Bee
  • Young Rembrandts
  • CYO Basketball (Grades 3-8)
  • CYO Baseball
  • CYO Cheerleaders
  • CYO Football
  • CYO Track & Cross Country
  • CYO Volleyball (Grades 3-8)
  • Winter Sports Club | Ski Club

School Programs

• Choose Life Program

• Disability Awareness Program

• Huddle (4)

• Protecting God’s Children

• Abstinence Program

• Theology of the Body