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Emergency News

St. Francis Xavier utilizes Blackboard Connect, an automated information service to notify parents if the school is closed or needs to close due to an emergency situation.

Emergency News

If Medina City Schools close, St. Francis Xavier School is also closed!

Blackboard Connect will notify you with all notifications if the school is closed or needs to close due to an emergency situation.

It would be better if you did not call the school or the rectory for closing information in the morning.

If Medina County Schools, i.e., Buckeye, Cloverleaf, Highland are closed, that does not necessarily mean that Medina City Schools and St. Francis Xavier School are closed. Pay close attention to the announcement.

If there would be a need to close just St. Francis Xavier School due to an emergency situation, we would notify you through our Blackboard Connect service.

School Delays & Closings

Because a significant number of our students rely on Medina City Schools for bus transportation, we at St. Francis Xavier School follow their schedule for delays or the closing of schools that are weather-related.

You will receive notification from St. Francis Xavier School by text/phone via Blackboard Connect.

Information from Medina City Schools about closings and delays can be found by clicking here.

2 Hour Delay Procedures

If Medina City Schools has a 2 hour delay, St. Francis Xavier School is also on a two hour delay!

We will follow a 2 HOUR DELAY schedule if announced by Medina City Schools. All students will need to be in attendance at 10:50 a.m. There will be no scheduled recesses. The 2 hour delay announcement may be followed by an announcement that St. Francis Xavier School is now closed for the day. This follow-up announcement may be required if after reassessment of travel and school building conditions there is an indication that the school should remain closed for the day. The decision to close the school after previously announcing a 2 hour delay will be announced as soon as possible. MORNING PRESCHOOL CLASSES ARE CANCELED WHEN FOLLOWING THE 2-HOUR DELAY SCHEDULE. Our school latchkey program opens at 6:30 a.m. daily and on a 2 hour delay schedule. It is wise to register for the program if you feel you would need to use it on a two hour delay schedule. Please contact our Latchkey program or call our school office for information on registering.

Information about a 2 hour delay schedule can be found clicking here.