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Where is God calling you to contribute?

In the readings at Mass, we’ve been hearing about the call of the disciples. We’re reminded that Jesus calls us, too, to the important work of building the Kingdom of God – right here in Medina!

For more than 15 years, since the days of Father Hollis, St. Francis Xavier Parish has invited all parishioners to really think about the gifts God has given us. We are called to use those gifts to benefit others, returning a portion of what we have received to God.

Over the next several weeks, you’ll see copies of our Stewardship Commitment Card in the bulletin and, the weekend of Feb. 3 & 4, in the pews, as we build up to Commitment Sunday. The card contains a list of most of the ministries we have here, and to which you’re invited to become involved.

Don’t see something you think we should have? Maybe God is calling you to start it! This year’s card has new ministries added – like our Young Adult Faith Sharing and Exodus 90 / Magnify 90. These were discerned and added by regular people like you who saw and filled a need.

We hope you’ll complete a card this year, even if you plan to continue everything you’re already doing! This is your way to re-commit to your work and say to the Lord that you still hear his voice and gentle command.

You know what would be REALLY helpful? Use the card to discern your plans, but go to the link above to fill out a Google form. We promise, it’s easy! And it will help us process the information so much more quickly. THANK YOU!!

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