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Thank you for planning a parish event or meeting! To begin, please call the Parish Office (330-725-4968) to reserve a room. The following spaces may be reserved for your event:

  • Church (CH)
  • School (SCH)
  • Randel House (RH)
  • Conference Rm (Parish Office)  (CR)
  • Xavier Room (XR)
  • Loyola Room (LR)
  • Church Basement (CB)
  • School Room 125 (125)
  • School Room 109 (109)
  • Teachers’ Lounge (TL) Gym

Due to the size of our parish, it is wise to call months in advance to make sure the room is available. The parish calendar for the year is established in June; if possible, please submit dates and spaces desired to the Parish Office by mid-May.

At this time, only parish events will be held on parish grounds.
Be considerate. Kindly call the Parish Office if you no longer need the space requested.

Certain parish and school programs will take precedence over other programs. Priority will be established based on the list below. Once rooms are booked, calendar changes will be negotiated with the consent of the group having the scheduled priority and the Parish Office.

  • Parish Liturgical/Sacramental Celebrations
  • Sacramental Programs
  • Day School
  • Religious Education Programs – Parish School of Religion (PSR), Edge, Life Teen, Vacation Bible School, Edge Camp
  • RCIA
  • Commissions, PTC
  • Operation Homes
  • All others – sports, Scouts, etc.

Variables Taking Precedence:

  • Funerals/luncheons
  • Parish Mission or Social

Room Set-Up

At the time you reserve the room, you will be reminded that if a set-up is needed for your particular event, an Event Set-Up Form must be completed and received in the Parish Office NO LATER THAN 7 DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT.

If using the Xavier Room, please print and fill out a Xavier Room set-up form (click on link) showing your desired configuration of the tables, chairs, etc. For all other spaces, your own sketch will be appreciated.

Set-up forms should be turned in to the Parish Office; copies will be made by a secretary and distributed to maintenance personnel. If a form is not received seven days prior to the event, you will be responsible for your own set-up.

You will be contacted if there are questions about the set-up. If you are able to set up your own reserved room for your event, THANK YOU! Your willingness and cooperation are greatly appreciated!

You are responsible for any decorations, tablecloths, etc. Maintenance personnel will set up tables and chairs, etc., as requested on the Event Set-Up form.

Event Responsibilities

  • Please be responsible and treat all buildings, rooms and equipment as your own.
  • Children should be properly supervised and are not permitted to run or roam through the halls. Please be mindful and respectful that other events may be occurring in the same facility as your event.
  • If you need the sound system or projection equipment, be sure you know how to operate it. If you need training, please mark it on the Event Set-Up form and someone will show you how to use it.
  • Keys may be obtained from the parish office during office hours only. All keys must be signed out by an adult. Doors should be re-locked once all attendees have arrived. If you must leave the doors unlocked, please have someone attending the door. Please return keys to the Parish Office prior to closing, or in the mail slot on the door after hours, as keys may be needed for another event.
  • Kindly leave the room as (or better than!) you found it. Be good stewards when it comes to cleaning tables, putting garbage in the trash cans, etc. Trash can be deposited in the dumpster in the parking lot.
  • If the kitchen is used in the Randel House or Church Basement, please clean up after.
  • The room temperature (heat or air conditioning) must be returned to 72 degrees.
  • Please turn off all lights and equipment, and place trash in dumpster.
  • Please return the key as soon as possible to the parish office (mail slot if after hours).

Thank you for being a good steward of our resources!