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Two ways to give electronically:

1. To make a one-time gift, click here. You may designate the fund to which you would like to give.

2. To access a fillable form to set up regular electronic giving, click here.

Are you accustomed to writing a check for your weekly, monthly or annual offering? You can still do that, but we’re hoping that you’ll consider signing up for our regular monthly or weekly Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT, for short) and making your contribution online instead.

Here’s why.

Online giving is safe, convenient and consistent. Our parishioners like knowing that they no longer have to worry about whether they remembered to bring their checkbook on Sunday. They already gave their offertory gift directly from their bank account.

But it doesn’t just help our parishioners. St. Francis Xavier Parish benefits from online giving as well. In these uncertain times when we may not be able to gather physically in church, online giving allows you to safely continue to support the ongoing work of our parish to minister to the people of Medina.

Online giving saves us time. On typical Monday mornings (is anything “typical” anymore?), we have two crews of volunteers count and record the week’s offering. Making sure that the count is correct is a detailed and time-consuming act. With online giving, much of that work is already done! Human error and work time can be greatly reduced.

Online giving helps us plan. Your weekly gift is deducted from your bank account on whatever date you pick. These types of recurring gifts provide an element of financial predictability, so it’s easier and more accurate to budget accordingly.

Online giving can potentially increase what we receive. We know many people today often don’t carry cash and rarely write checks. Setting up an EFT helps everyone have a way to give. Folks who travel or otherwise are unable to attend Mass here at home can rest easy knowing they are still supporting the important mission of St. Francis Xavier Parish.

Questions? Contact Lori Hrnchar, our parish office manager, at 330-725-4968, or email her at lhrnchar@sfxmedina.org.