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The StewMinistry Minute_form_Page_1ardship Committee would like to help you promote and expand your ministry so it can serve and enrich our parish community even more than it already does.  In the coming year, we plan to feature each ministry in the bulletin and/or the Navigator newsletter, on Facebook, and at  Hospitality Sunday. Your thoughtful completion of this form will enable us to do just that.

Please click here to access the form. You can type your answers into it, then print or download and email it. Or, you may print and write in your answers by hand. Thank you!

PLEASE COMPLETE THIS FORM AND SUBMIT IT BY FEBRUARY 28, 2017. You can email it to marktomecko@yahoo.com or drop it off in the parish office, ATTN: Mark Tomecko. (Send your questions to marktomecko@yahoo.com)