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  1. Reserve the room in advance using the Meeting Space Request Form and stop in the parish office during business hours to sign out a key.
  2. If no other function is happening in the school, use the hex key to lock/unlock the front door. (This may not be necessary if other events are happening in the building.)
  3. If you did not submit a room set-up form 1 week in advance of your event, you will need to move tables and chairs for your event. Please use care to lift and carry them, not drag them across the floor.
  4. The temperature of the room may be adjusted slightly; please keep it between 68 and 72 degrees by using the arrows on the thermostat on the wall near the main door. Remember to return it to the original setting before you leave.
  5. Directions for the sound system are attached to the large black box on the wall near the main door. If you need a key for cables, or need training, please see a staff member.
  6. The refrigerator and freezer may be used to temporarily store food and beverages, however please remove your items after your event. It is a good idea to clearly mark your items, as the refrigerator is shared by other groups.
  7. Please scrape all food items into the trash; the sink does NOT have a garbage disposal.
  8. The nearest restrooms are to the east, down the hall toward the library. Please make sure your guests (or children) do not wander elsewhere in the school.

Making coffee

If you wish to make coffee, some basic supplies are located in the cupboards near the sink.
Place a clean filter in the basket and fill with one (or two) pre-measured coffee pouches, or 10 tablespoons of ground coffee.
Turn on the coffeemaker.
With a carafe in position below the basket, pour a full carafe of water in the top (you cannot make half a pot with this system). Coffee will begin flowing immediately.
Please be sure to empty grounds into the trash and clean the coffeemaker before you leave.

To close up:

  1. All trash must be removed from the room at the conclusion of your event, and deposited in the trash dumpster in the parking lot.
  2. Wipe down any surfaces you used, and clean up any spills or food that may have dropped.
  3. If you have used the parish’s cloth tablecloths, shake out crumbs over a garbage can and put them into a clear garbage bag (these are stored with the tablecloths in the parish office closet). Please call the parish office (330-725-4968) and leave a message letting staff know where this bag was left. Maintenance will wash and store the tablecloths.
  4. Tables and chairs may remain where you leave them.
  5. Restore the room temperature to its original setting.
  6. Turn off all lights.
  7. If you unlocked the doors, please be sure they are locked when you leave.
  8. Return the key as soon as possible to the parish office (use the mail slot in the door after hours). You may have the only key available for the next person.

Thank you for being a good steward of our resources!