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Discover your Strengths for the Journey

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You know God created each of us with gifts and talents, but do you sometimes wish they came unwrapped? How can you use them if you’re not sure what they are? Patrick Meidenbauer, founder & lead coach of Cleveland-based StrengthsInsights, will help us loosen the tape and...

Learn more about your Guardian Angel

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Have you ever wondered what angels do, or how they can help you come to a deeper understanding of your Catholic faith? Did you know angels can help you carry out the unique mission God had in mind for you when He created you? Have you ever wanted to send your Guardian Angel to...

Emily Whiting to witness to ‘The Gift of Life’

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Life is a gift, not a given. This is the first of many lessons Emily K. Whiting learned after the fateful day she received the unforeseen, and seemingly insurmountable, diagnoses for her then-20-week-old fetus daughter. Come and hear Emily’s heartbreaking and hope-filled...