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Lend your neighbor a hand on our 7th Parish Day of Service

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We aren’t meant to go through this world with blinders on, looking out only for ourselves. Jesus calls us again and again to help those who are in need. On Saturday, Oct. 23, 2021, members of St. Francis Xavier Parish will spread throughout Medina County to provide a few hours of service in a variety of ways. We’ll be Jesus’ hands and feet as we comfort those in nursing homes, care for God’s creation by pulling weeds and raking leaves for those who are unable to do so, tying fleece blankets for toddlers, or making improvements at a center serving low-income families.

Can’t do physical labor these days? We have several charitable organizations hoping you’ll donate items for their clients. Can you play bingo with residents at a Medina nursing home?

When we serve those who cannot give anything in return, the poor, embracing their difficulties and needs with tender compassion: and we in turn discover God’s love and embrace there.

Pope Francis, Sept. 19, 2021

Click on the link below to see the full list of available opportunities. You’ll choose the activity in which you’d like to participate. Let us know your shirt size by Oct. 1 if possible, and we’ll order a sunny yellow Day of Service shirt with our logo for you to wear that day. Together, we’ll have a beautiful impact on our community as we reach outside of ourselves to help others.

All people, of all ages, are invited and welcome to participate.

  • Families can work together to clean up the yard for disabled residents of a group home. Or, we have 20 elderly Medina residents asking for simple outdoor help at their homes, raking leaves, cleaning gutters, washing windows, etc.
  • Preschoolers can dress up in Halloween costumes and visit some of the grandmas and grandpas in nursing homes (yes, a few are welcoming visitors). Can you help lead a bingo game?
  • Like horses? We need a few volunteers to help clean the saddles and tack room at a therapeutic horseback riding center.
  • Any adults good with their hands? The Lodi Family Center needs people to help lay floor tile that was donated to make their spaces more welcoming to the low-income families it serves.

There’s something for everyone!

After your service, we hope you’ll come back for 5 p.m. Mass at St. Francis Xavier, and let us treat you to a simple supper where we can swap stories and view photos showing the good work the Lord has accomplished through us that day!

Be part of this very special annual tradition of St. Francis Xavier Parish!

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