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We thank, honor and respect all those who have served our country in the military, and we ask God to bless them for their selfless acts of courage in the world.

In “normal” years St. Francis Xavier Parish would have been honored to host the very talented Medina Community Band, under the direction of Marcus Neiman, as they performed inspiring music in recognition of our veterans.

This year, the concert is virtual. Please click on the button below to go online for a special video presentation featuring the musical gifts of our Medina Community Band. Father Tony Sejba, our pastor, offers the opening and closing prayers, just as he would have had we been able to host the live performance.

In addition, the students and staff at St. Francis Xavier School would have prepared a special assembly to honor veterans among their family and friends. That, too, is available today as a virtual presentation. Click on the button below to view pictures and inspiring messages about these special people.