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It’s time to ‘Grow Together’ in stewardship, faith

The pandemic may be over, but let’s be honest: It changed something about all of us. It sent us into a kind of dormancy, where we pulled back from others, retreated into ourselves and preferred to stay apart. We even stopped coming to church.

But God didn’t make us to be islands. We are made to care for each other, to complement each other’s needs with our own talents and gifts. In the great mystery of our creation, we discover more of who we are by forgetting ourselves and focusing on the needs of others.

This year, we invite you to “Grow Together,” in the dual sense that we’re growing alongside fellow parishioners and that we’re building community. Together, we can meet the needs of our young, the elderly, the poor and the forgotten, and foster a dynamic parish life. Together, we can discover new relationships with fellow travelers on this journey. Together, we can learn even more of the richness, depth and beauty of God’s love for us, found especially when we share it with others.

At all the Masses next weekend (Jan. 21-22), you’ll be invited to complete a stewardship commitment card like the one here. Do something radical — sign up for something new. Or, re-commit to another year in a ministry you’re still passionate about.

Your responses will be communicated to the ministry leaders, who will contact you with more information and next steps.

Together, we can enjoy the beautiful garden blooming with new life, as we emerge from the ground and embrace the Son.

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