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Dawn Cavanaugh

Dawn has been the Youth Minister here at St. Francis Xavier for the last 5 years. Prior to taking the position she was a member of the Core team for 6 years and previously helped on a team at another parish in our area.

“The part of this ministry I love most is witnessing the moment that a teen really feels Christ beside them. Sometimes it is at a Life Night, during time in front of the Blessed Sacrament, sometimes on a retreat, but it is always powerful and joyful. Witnessing them get to know our Lord on a personal level is so inspiring”

Our program has something for everyone – hang out nights just getting to know friends, issue nights, and going deeper into Sacred Scripture. No matter where you are in your faith journey the team is ready to walk with you!

Lynee Bixler

Lynee has been on team for 3 years.

Her favorite experience is XLT.

I receive more than I give, the kids always teach me something new about my faith and relationship with Christ.

David Cathcart

This is David’s 1st year on team.

His favorite experience is New Fire Day.

Life Teen was a great part of his high school years and he wants to give back and help the teens to have a great experience.

Brian Lombardi

Brian has been on team for 19 years.

His favorite experience is the spring and fall retreats and how they can be life changing experiences for the teens. “I am humbled to be a part of witnessing the transformation of spirituality in their lives”.

He is involved because these teens are the Church.

Sara Mion

Sara has been on team for 14 years.

Germaine Wilson

This is Germaine’s 1st year on team.

Cooking for the teens who are on the retreat weekends and getting to know them better.

I love sharing and learning about my faith with the next generation.

Pete Rakytiak

Pete has been on team for 4 years.

His favorite experience is any night we do XLT adoration.

I joined team because of what I witnessed it do for my kids and I felt called to keep it going.

Jim Wilson

Jim has been on team 4 years.

His favorite experience on Core is watching new teens experience Eucharistic Adoration for the first time.

I am on team because it is a ministry that I can do with my wife.

Eric Uturo

Eric has been on team for 3 years.

His favorite experience was New Fire Day.

I wanted to make sure my daughter would get involved in youth group since we had moved from Michigan her freshman year.