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Middle School Daily Supplies

Daily School Supplies needed for academic and special classes:

Students should always have the following items:

  • Charged chromebooks
  • Planners 
  • Pencil pouch with pencils, pens and one basic coloring device (crayons or colored pencils)
  • Pair of scissors
  • A novel for reading when done with classwork, or for Accelerated Reader.

Science – Simple Solutions book, textbook, some form of paper

Religion – Textbook, notebook, and folder

Math – Textbook, Simple Solutions book, and some form of paper

Reading – Grade 6 and 7 – vocabulary book, literature book, and notebook

Grade 8 – Notebook and vocabulary book

English  – Grammar for writing book and notebook

Social Studies  – Textbook and some form of paper

Music – Nothing additional

Gym – Nothing but gym clothes

Spanish – Textbook

Health – Nothing additional

Computer – Chromebook