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Welcome To The Anchor

This is a place to find fliers, handouts, and all school emails you and your child might be interested in. Our website allows us to process flyer requests in an electronic format, saving paper and time yet still reaching a broad audience for these events.

We will post the flyers that have been submitted and approved. Parents can print the fliers that are of interest to their family. Please know we will still occasionally send home fliers of importance but we are reducing the amount of them.


Inbox submission guidelines:

1. Forms must be submitted electronically as an attachment to an email, directed to dbeal@sfxmedina.org.

2. Each flyer must include: Contact name, Email, and Phone number.

3. Include the desired date of posting and the date the event ends.

4. Provide a brief description of the flier including the who, what, when, where, and why of the event.

5. All fliers, handouts, and messages must be approved by the principal.