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“It is more blessed to give than receive.”

Acts 20:35

Want a great way to shift the focus from RECEIVING to GIVING this Christmas? A Reverse Advent Calendar will help you think more about what you can do for someone else, while counting down the days until we celebrate the birth of Christ.

Who: Anyone may participate. These items will be donated to St. Vincent de Paul Society for the food pantry.

What: This is the opposite of a typical Advent calendar where children get trinkets to count down the days until Christmas Day. Instead, with this calendar, we are giving back daily to count down the days until Christmas. The items listed each day will be placed in a box at home.

Where: We will collect the boxes at PSR, Edge, and Sunday School the week of Jan. 6. If you are participating, and do not have children in these programs, please bring the box to Mass on Jan. 4 or Jan. 5, and set it on the marked tables by the Washington Street/Route 18 entrance.

When: Dec. 1 until Christmas Day!

How: Any box/container will do. Get the family involved and decorate the box, etc. Every day you will add to the box the items that are needed.

If you have any questions please email or call Summer Kish at skish@sfxmedina.org or 330-764-8961. Additional calendars are available at the parish office and the vestibules.

Thank you for your support and generosity!

Click on the image to print a PDF of the calendar.