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Elementary PSR (Grades 1-5) — Monday afternoons

St. Francis Xavier offers Parish School of Religion (PSR) classes for those enrolled in public school grades 1 to 5.


4:45 to 6 p.m. each Monday starting Sept. 11, 2017, in the school.

Please fill out the new online registration form at the following link. Each student should have an individual registration form.

Drop Off:

We ask that parents drop off students at the main school entrance and please make sure your students get out of the passenger side of the car due to traffic in the parking lot. Please be careful entering and exiting the parking lot. Slow is the key word for the safety of your children and others. Staff members will greet your students at the door and take them to their classroom. Class lists will be posted on the parish website and will also be emailed to you.

Can you help?

We need each parent to assist in the parking lot about twice each year. Sign up for parking help by calling the PSR office (330-722-7700). This only involves helping on Monday afternoons from 5:50 to 6:15 p.m.

Thank you for your interest in our Parish School of Religion! If we can answer any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.