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Confirmation – Grade 8


We are excited that you are interested in the Confirmation program for 2018. Because we live in an age where content is disseminated electronically on a regular basis, most of our content for this program is available to us online through this website. You can scroll through the schedule to see what’s coming up next. While we require attendance at each scheduled event listed below, we also realize that our students may not be able to physically attend each session due to illness or family emergencies. In this case, “make up work” will be made available to you in our Google Classroom (information below)

If you have any questions, please contact us at Confirmation@SFXMedina.org.


Information about the program will be forthcoming. (Check email regularly after registration for latest updates)


    • As of May 2018, this is our outgoing 8th grade students who have been part of the program since the fall of 2017. This is a full year program.


  • The following schedule applies to ALL of our Confirmation students as of May 2018. Make sure to scroll.


The following assignments are all Google Forms except the “Sponsor Verification Form”. The Sponsor Verification form needs to be filled out by the sponsor and signed by their pastor. After it is signed and completed, it should be returned to Dawn Cavanaugh at St. Francis Xavier. The “Saint Report” and “Stewardship Project” both contain the instructions in the form. These are to be completed BY the due date listed below.

Google Classroom (For Missed Classes)